Magna Mater

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Reinforcing my hard-earned reputation for unpredictability, this record combines a foot-stamping groove with synth organic tones with no greater purpose than a chilled out thing to swing your hips to this summer. Available worldwide at all good stockists.

Sweet Words

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A nistrum original featuring the talented vocalist Carolyn Burnette. Available now on Beatport.

nistrum Newses

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Sweet Words will be a collaboration between me and my great friend Carolyn Burnette, a vocal electro number, and will be available mid-April on Jambalay Records. I’ll post the promo as it emerges.

Lighten Up will be a light-hearted electro pop tune with a mass of inventive remixes from the Jambalay family covering latin, deep, tech and experimental styles. This will be available May / June time on Jambalay Records.

There will also be a nistrum remix appearing on Filthy Groovin Records of Dj Disanto’s Oh Yeah, release TBA.

At least four other projects are in the pipeline. Exciting times for nistrum-fans and probably for nistrum too :)

The Nistrum Show

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Ever wanted to hear me DJ for two hours on the Internet?

Ever wanted to hear that every week?

Lucky you. Every week on Static UK from 11pm to 1am, tune in for the latest and greatest in underground tech/electro/whatever tunes.

Go to and tune into “Static UK”. I’ll also be on the chatroom so come and AMA.

x Nistrum

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Mike & Rob: Touch My It

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Getting a little bit techno for this latest awesome remix on Jambalay. Look out for the single on the 31st October.

Genre: Dance – House
Release Date: 2012-10-31
Price: MAXIEP (3.99 € / 4.99 $)
Release Copyright: MIKE & ROB
Visual Copyright: Ilaria Guerra
Production Year: 2012
# Tracks: 9

Flor de Aruanda: Berimbau

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Soon, with a bumpy underground version by Nistrum

  • Genre: Dance – House
  • Release Date: 2012-07-31
  • Price: EP (2.99 € / 3.99 $)
  • Release Copyright: Andrea Trofa
  • Visual Copyright: Ilaria Guerra
  • Production Year: 2012
  • # Tracks: 5

Conga Groove Preview

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Out soon on Jambalay


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New track.

You can buy a copy on my new Bandcamp profile here

Since I’ve been taking a lo-fi approach recently, I’ve updated the website with an equally lo-fi feel. Hope your eyes are having a party right now ;)

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Understand Me

The latest release on Jambalay Records featuring top quality tunages and the inimitable vocals of MC Mike Anderson.

Buy now >>>

Ah Mamatah

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